Metallized Aluminum

What is Metallized Aluminum?

Anjali powder Coatings Aluminum is excellent for applications requiring protection against atmospheric, chemical and heat corrosion. Aluminum coatings provide anodic type protection to many types of materials including iron and cadmium. Therefore, the Anjali Aluminum coating offers corrosion protection by sacrificial means and coating properties such as porosity and density are not of critical importance. However, use of a sealer is recommended in applications that require long or severe service conditions of Powder Coating in Ahmedabad.

Anjali Aluminum coatings are recommended for use in the following applications and environments:

Atmospheric Corrosion: The aluminum coating acts as a galvanic corrosion inhibitor and also forms an oxide film producing a protective coating, thus, is recommended under a variety of environmental conditions and is used exclusively on submerged water applications. For long term anti-corrosive applications, aluminum should be covered with a protective 5-8 mil layer of a suitable sealer in all but mild rural applications. Consult Anjali for specifications.

Chemical Corrosion: Useful in protection of chemical processing equipment, oil refining equipment, commercial equipment in contact with marine and similar environmental exposures. For exposure to acid conditions, soft water and hard water, aluminum is the best choice.

High Temperature Corrosion: Coatings are applied to increase the service life of steel heat-treating equipment, automotive engine exhaust systems, to protect against thermal shock, and to reline jet engine combustion chambers. An aluminum sealer is recommended for coatings used for temperatures up to 1000°F.